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How to establish fixed USD fees in Anchor

In Anchor we can get the minimum balance required for an account to exist without paying rent with the function: anchor_lang::prelude::Rent::get()?.minimum_balance(data_length_in_bytes)); I am ...

anchor solana-program anchor-lang  
user avatar asked by Ander Score of 5
user avatar answered by Whiteseal Score of 2

SOL transfer via CPI signed with PDA throws fails

I am trying to make a SOL transfer from the bank account into the client account, but the operation fails with the following error: Cross-program invocation with unauthorized signer or writable ...

anchor solana-program solana-web3js anchor-lang systemprogram  
user avatar asked by Peter Schwarz Score of 3
user avatar answered by Ander Score of 3

How to parse event in transaction log with Anchor

I have following transaction logs which contains triggered event and I want to parse it: 'Program log: Instruction: Init', 'Program data: 867fyqeFJJGYZDSk+Vy/7Cpm35d+fps/e3WovaZGp4v+...

anchor logs  
user avatar asked by Void Score of 2
user avatar answered by Void Score of 2

Error with newly migrated Certified NFT Collection

I just migrated my NFT collection to the new Metaplex certified collection standard using their tool at link Now when I try and run .nfts().update() I get the following error Source: Program > ...

solana-web3js nft javascript metaplex-js collection  
user avatar asked by jack long Score of 1
user avatar answered by jack long Score of 0

Phantom app Picture

Not really a tech question, but how can I set a custom icon in phantom Browser ?

user avatar asked by Swifty Score of 1
user avatar answered by NHeinDev Score of 2

How do i convert the phantom mnemonic

How to convert a mnemonic from phantom i.e: 'some words that are secret ...' Into the following format: [ 118, 72, 137, 65, 79, 174, 185, 29, 222, 164, 107, 111, 226, 137, 150, 19, 162, 10, 56, 231, 5,...

phantom javascript web3  
user avatar asked by Darjusch Schrand Score of 1
user avatar answered by iMEF Score of 1

What is the most secure way to store mass private keys?

I am thinking about starting my own product that will be something similar to a wallet. But I want to make sure I make everything as secure as possible so nothing gets leaked and it's not another ...

wallet encryption private-key walletprovider database  
user avatar asked by Pixeled Score of 1
user avatar answered by Concise Labs Score of 1

Can you answer these questions?

Testing transactions that should fail with anchor

I am currently writing unit test for my Solana contract written using the Anchor framework. I have created unit tests for the positive flow of how things should work, and all the tests are passing, ...

anchor testing transaction failed  
user avatar asked by michaelb Score of 1

what would be the approach to building an nft marketplace in solana

I am trying to build a full stack NFT market place in Solana. I have a few questions Where will I store the NFT image and metadata everytime an NFT is minted? How do I gather all the NFTs minted on ...

solana-program solana-web3js nft  
user avatar asked by frawd Score of 1
user avatar answered by Pratik.js Score of 0

Stake account info is not updated after epoch

I delegate 30 SOL the validator in 353 epoch. Stake account is 2o5G3H5dCb2akeT1eU4Q9WUz7Ky8hco2QmoAQg2ki42Z. In 354 epoch I got rewards and my stake right now is 30.013167766 SOL. But when I'm trying ...

solana-web3js account-data  
user avatar asked by Denys Hryshko Score of 1
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