The solana tpu client (rust) takes a &Transaction argument however I deal with VersionedTransaction's.

I would like to know 2 things..

  1. How can I send a VersionedTransaction via the tpu client.
  2. How can I serialize a VersionedTransaction into base64.

I create the transactions using the solana_sdk like so

let message = V0Message::try_compile(

let versioned_message = VersionedMessage::V0(message);
let transaction = VersionedTransaction::try_new(versioned_message, &[wallet]).unwrap();

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This should probably get fixed at the TPU client level, but in the meantime, you can serialize the versioned transaction and use send_wire_transaction, ie:

  • thanks jon, i figured it out earlier hehe - will mark as answer.
    – MHCH
    Feb 9 at 2:19

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