How can I get to the price in a liquidity pool? I assumed it would be as simple as getting the balances of both tokens and doing quoteBalance / baseBalance, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Below is a sample code I was using to the get the pool information, but the division of the end values returned in the dictionaries base_token_info and quote_token_info does not match at all what I see on Solscan, what am I missing?

from solders.pubkey import Pubkey
from solana.rpc.api import Client
import json
import base64
from utils import LIQUIDITY_STATE_LAYOUT_V4

def get_token_amounts_example():
    endpoint = 'https://api.mainnet-beta.solana.com'
    solana_client = Client(endpoint)
    pool_address = '58oQChx4yWmvKdwLLZzBi4ChoCc2fqCUWBkwMihLYQo2' # SOL-USDC
    pool = Pubkey.from_string(pool_address)
    info = json.loads(solana_client.get_account_info_json_parsed(pool).to_json())
    data = info['result']['value']['data']
    data_64 = base64.b64decode(data[0])
    token_account_data = LIQUIDITY_STATE_LAYOUT_V4.parse(data_64)

    marketId = Pubkey.from_bytes(token_account_data.marketId)
    base_token_account = Pubkey.from_bytes(token_account_data.baseVault)
    quote_token_account = Pubkey.from_bytes(token_account_data.quoteVault)
    owner = Pubkey.from_bytes(token_account_data.owner)

    print('marketId', marketId)
    print('base_token_account', base_token_account)
    print('quote_token_account', quote_token_account)
    print('owner', owner)

    base_token_info = solana_client.get_token_account_balance(base_token_account).to_json()
    base_token_info = json.loads(base_token_info)
    quote_token_info = solana_client.get_token_account_balance(quote_token_account).to_json()
    quote_token_info = json.loads(quote_token_info)
    owner_token_info = solana_client.get_token_account_balance(owner).to_json()
    owner_token_info = json.loads(owner_token_info)

    print('base_token_info', base_token_info)
    print('quote_token_info', quote_token_info)
    print('owner_token_info', owner_token_info)


  • I have something very similar to this in Javascript but I am struggling to write working code in Python that is able to get the baseVault and quoteVault property values from the liquidity pool. I can see that you are importing LIQUIDITY_STATE_LAYOUT_V4 like this from utils import LIQUIDITY_STATE_LAYOUT_V4 and using it like this token_account_data = LIQUIDITY_STATE_LAYOUT_V4.parse(data_64) However, I do not understand where the LIQUIDITY_STATE_LAYOUT_V4 is coming from. I couldn't find anything on this anywhere online. Is this a custom class that resembles the corresponding struct from Javascrip
    – Sven
    Commented Apr 16 at 8:43

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This works for me: (I get the sol price from raydium)

basepriceinsol = quotebalance / basebalance

basepriceinusd = basepriceinsol * solprice

ValueUSDbaseBalance= baseBalance * basepriceinusd

ValueUSDquoteBalace = quoteBalace * solprice

LIQUIDITY = ValueUSDbaseBalance + ValueUSDquoteBalace

  • don't think you saw what is returned when you fetch the token balances (I tested in Python and Typescript btw). Here is what you get: base_token_info = {'uiAmount': 24340.758636285, 'decimals': 9, 'amount': '24340758636285', 'uiAmountString': '24340.758636285'} quote_token_info = {'uiAmount': 3846894.249247, 'decimals': 6, 'amount': '3846894249247', 'uiAmountString': '3846894.249247'} Now, if you do 3846894 / 24340, you get 158... Solana price is at 96 right now, so nowhere close
    – lsrth
    Commented Feb 7 at 13:39
  • to be fair, I do agree that your logic is correct, it's just that the numbers don't make sense when you apply that logic to the values returned using the RPC API
    – lsrth
    Commented Feb 7 at 13:41
  • This is what I got: NAME: Bat (🦇) --------------------------------------------------- Mint: FSyViTWXCQPP6haLH7TbVKhAy6waRXXtt2uA47xBQo8o Pair: JDwheQTaKX424rEiYwKzGzZqNEepdLRZHTEX4pCarWbR Quote Token: Wrapped SOL (SOL) SOL Price: $ 96.23 USD Token Amount: 1000000000 Sol Amount: 500 SOL Token Price USD: $ 0.000048116293 Liquidez del Pool: $96232.59 USD Open Time: 16:08:00 Catch Time: 16:01:06 and the LIQUIDITY is the same as showing in the DEX Commented Feb 7 at 13:47
  • are quotebalance == quoteBalace?
    – AdityaDees
    Commented May 20 at 16:26

The logic above by San Martín Figueroa Pablo is correct, you'll just need to divide the final liquidity number by lamports_per_sol, which is 1000000000

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