The documentation states that a block is:

A contiguous set of entries on the ledger covered by a vote. A leader produces at most one block per slot. (emphasis mine)

But it doesn't specify what might be reasons for a blockchain skipping producing a block in a slot, and as it can be seen in explorer approximately 10% of slots didn't have blocks in them.


I've got two errors while using an official mainnet RPC endpoint, both, as it seems, caused by a fact that a slot didn't have a block in it.

RPC response error -32007: Slot 143300000 was skipped, or missing due to ledger jump to recent snapshot

Block 30596283 cleaned up, does not exist on node. First available block: 34365268

But I do not completely understand what those errors mean and whether there are some other ways a block can be skipped.

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Slots are a unit of time during which a validator may act as leader and produce a block. There are a variety of circumstances that can lead to this not actually happening, leading to a skipped slot. The leader may be offline, too far behind the tip, get interrupted by late data from a previous leader, produce a block on a minority fork, etc.

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