My typescripts program swaps tokens but creates an account token each time. I saw on Solscan that it is possible not to create an account. how can I do it, any advice or code? sample transaction: https://solscan.io/tx/268kSVoy8rf2qTuysWPSPkjiNHAH8ZLmV1e1Jk8N7JaYx9VUMDDXd678AZFeUiReKbiZyUqL9yTKeSzPS17BPARA

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All tokens, other than NATIVE_TOKEN (unwrapped Solana), (and perhaps Compressed NFTs), require an Associated Token Account.

The transaction you linked does indeed create and use an Associated Token Account: EnJ5PjCYLag51YcoBFwAUN9RSoiftduCxR7hCtT3Z6v3.

If the token account already exists for the receiver in question, you can use it. This function is helpful:

getOrCreateAssociatedTokenAccount(connection, payer, mint, owner, allowOwnerOffCurve?, commitment?, confirmOptions?, programId?, associatedTokenProgramId?): Promise<Account>

Link to Function Reference

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