i'm getting a weird signer error when running my tests;

Error: Signature verification failed.
Missing signature for public key [`6jAudYFBbfQS59oPNjYcMkqr9MqBf312T7oP6WSYRjsg`].

In this case, 6jAudYFBbfQS59oPNjYcMkqr9MqBf312T7oP6WSYRjsg is the state object's pubkey.

Here's the test code:

const state = anchor.web3.Keypair.generate()
await program.rpc.stake(
      new anchor.BN(5_000),
        accounts: {
          tokenProgram: TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID,
          stakeMint: stakeMintAddress,
          state: state.publicKey, // here
          stakeMintAuthority: stakePDA,
          programBeefTokenAccount: beefAccountPDA,
          userStakeTokenAccount: user.stakeTokenAccount,
          userBeefTokenAccount: user.beefTokenAccount,
          beefMint: beefMintAddress,
          userBeefTokenAccountAuthority: user.wallet,

Here's the instruction:

pub struct CreateBeefTokenAccount<'info> {
        payer = payer,
        seeds = [ BEEF_MINT_ADDRESS.parse::<Pubkey>().unwrap().as_ref() ],
        token::mint = beef_mint,
        token::authority = program_beef_token_account,
    pub program_beef_token_account: Account<'info, TokenAccount>,
        address = BEEF_MINT_ADDRESS.parse::<Pubkey>().unwrap(),
    pub beef_mint: Account<'info, Mint>,
    pub payer: Signer<'info>,
    pub system_program: Program<'info, System>,
    pub token_program: Program<'info, Token>,
    pub rent: Sysvar<'info, Rent>,
    #[account(init, payer = payer, space = 8+State::MAXIMUM_SIZE)]
    pub state: Account<'info, State>,

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Looks like your state should be a PDA so that your program can sign for it.

This would like smth like this:

        seeds = [b"state".as_ref()],
        space = 8,
        payer = signer,

and in js you can then get the PDA like this:

const state = await PublicKey.findProgramAddress(

If you want to create the key yourself you need to sign for it Which would look something like this:

const transaction = await program.methods

  console.log("transaction", transaction);

  const txSig = await sendTransaction(transaction, connection,{
    signers: [state],
    skipPreflight: true
  } );

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