This is potentially related to Mocking the Clock sysvar in solana_program_test, but I didn't find a sufficient answer/discussion there.

I have a program instruction that contains logic such that instruction_b cannot be executed while the clock's current timestamp is less than the timestamp at instruction_a + some time.

How can I mock or fast-forward the clock's current timestamp such that I can test instruction_b?

e.g. I would like to write the following unit test:

1. execute instruction_a
2. fast-forward (1 day)
3. execute instruction_b
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    Does this answer your question? Control time anchor test
    – Kise
    Feb 20 at 1:03
  • @kise Not what I'm looking for. My example requires that the time be fast forwarded 1 day. It's not feasible to have a test run on a loop sleeping for a second until a day has passed. Feb 20 at 23:51
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    Looks like it's not possible for tests written in JS/TS, but you can do something in Rust:solana.stackexchange.com/a/3748/7356
    – Kise
    Feb 21 at 1:20
  • Thank you @Kise. It's unfortunate that the tooling is so immature, but good to know it can be done using Rust tests. Feb 21 at 5:34


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