Relating to a previous question: LINK, which covered SOL -> WSOL.

I am building an anchor program that transfers Tokens from one account to another (input and output):

pub struct Payment<'info> { 
    pub input_token_account: Account<'info, TokenAccount>
    pub output_token_account: Account<'info, TokenAccount>


Although, how would I be able to transfer WSOL from anchor-program-side to SOL user-side. That is, user can request e.g. 2 WSOL from program and get back the equivalent 2 SOL?

I know that you can close the WSOL account as a final instruction, but that just seems like a bad idea since you would be closing the ENTIRE WSOL account and not just the requested 2 SOL

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There is no other way than closing a wrapped SOL token account to recover the SOL inside it, there is no "transfer x wSOL" capability in the token program.

However, there is a trick to perform if you want to unwrap only a certain amount of wrapped SOL.

The sequence:

  • Create a temporary wSOL token account
  • Transfer X amount from wSOL main token account to temporary wSOL
  • Close temporary wSOL token account into recipient

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