Creating an spl-transfer transaction:

const transaction = new Transaction().add(
    // Pretend this is filled in

const signature = await sendAndConfirmRawTransaction(..)

Assuming I only have access to signature, how can I confirm the transaction's sender, recipient, token transfer amount, and the token's public key?

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You can use the getTransaction method on the connection class to get details on the transaction with a signature.

async function getTransactionFromSignature() {
  // setup code for example
  const connection = new web3.Connection(
  // end setup code

  const signature =

  const response = await connection.getTransaction(signature);
  const message = response.transaction.message;
  const meta = response.meta;

  console.log(message, meta);

From the meta and/or message you can make the assertions you want.

There's a full example in the Solana Pay code on how we validate transfers for SOL or SPL tokens

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