I need a little help. My whole project seems to be harder than I thought.

I want to create a coin on the Solana blockchain. Since the Solana code is a lot heavier than ETH etc. - there are many generators that make it easy to create.

How and where do I best create my Solana token so that I can:

  • Simply create

  • Create a liquidity pool

  • Revoke Mint Authority

It should be inexpensive. Some generators want up to 3 Solana!

Additionally I would like to list my coin on DexScreener. - How expensive will that be?


Where is the cheapest way to create my coin?

How much budget do I have to expect to be listed on DexScreener in the end?

I hope someone can help me!

Thanks guys!

  • there are many tools out there can help you, one of them is solana-token.net. The token creation of that platform is around 0.07 sol~, and adding your coin for trading is at minimum around 0.25 sol... you can refer to medium.com/@solanatokennet/…
    – NoodleX
    Commented May 31 at 8:16


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