Why is mainnet-beta program deploy taking so much time? It took 6 hours to complete 1.0% of the whole process I use solana-cli version: 1.18.3 anchor version: anchor-cli 0.29.0 solana cluster-version : 1.18.4

plz help me

  • How many block-confirmations do you require in your code to let it be the status "deployed"?
    – axlynom
    Commented Mar 14 at 19:29

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Its currently very hard to deploy programs to mainnet, because the CLI does not have priority fees. The problem is being worked on here: https://github.com/anza-xyz/agave/pull/144 In the meantime you can try fork solana and add more retries: https://twitter.com/sssionggg/status/1767961870269559027 or use solana playground: https://twitter.com/acheroncrypto/status/1768423506843168994?t=N1TxcxNhNIJ4dChFUOVxzg&s=19


I solve this problem by add flag --with-compute-unit-price 1 (you can change 1 to any unit price you one, 1 = 1 microlamport). This flag will add priority fee for all your deployed tx. try this

solana program deploy ./target/deploy/<..>.so --with-compute-unit-price 5

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