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I'm facing this error when I'm interacting with an onchain program on solana using anchor in expo react native , its the same outcome when I run it with the AnchorCounterProgram example on the tutorials repo This is the error I get when I try fetching an account const fetchAndUpdateCounter = useCallback( async (program: Program) => { try { const counterAccount = await program.account.counter.fetch(counterPDA); console.log('counter account', counterAccount.count.toString()); } catch (error) { console.error(error); } }, [counterPDA] ); [TypeError: b.readUIntLE is not a function (it is undefined)]

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Spoke offline and found a temporary fix for this issue.

Workaround is to downgrade your Anchor version (both Anchor CLI and @coral-xyz/anchor in your RN project) to <= v0.28.0.

The root cause of this issue is some polyfill issue with the buffer package in React Native. Will report back when I discover the root cause.


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