Running into an error trying to start test validator. Please advise. Thanks.

I'm on MacOS ➜ test-ledger solana --version solana-cli 1.18.4 (src:356c6a38; feat:3352961542, client:SolanaLabs)

> dev solana-test-validator
> Notice! No wallet available. `solana airdrop` localnet SOL after
> creating one
> Ledger location: test-ledger Log: test-ledger/validator.log Error:
> failed to start validator: Failed to create ledger at test-ledger: io
> error: Error checking to unpack genesis archive: Archive error: extra
> entry found: "._genesis.bin" Regular

test-ledger cat validator.log [2024-03-19T17:41:29.778729000Z INFO solana_test_validator] solana-validator 1.18.4 (src:356c6a38; feat:3352961542, client:SolanaLabs) [2024-03-19T17:41:29.778814000Z INFO solana_test_validator] Starting validator with: ArgsOs { inner: [ "solana-test-validator", ], } [2024-03-19T17:41:29.779331000Z WARN solana_perf] CUDA is disabled [2024-03-19T17:41:29.782619000Z INFO solana_perf] AVX detected [2024-03-19T17:41:29.782646000Z INFO solana_perf] AVX2 detected [2024-03-19T17:41:29.788591000Z INFO solana_faucet::faucet] Faucet started. Listening on: [2024-03-19T17:41:29.788626000Z INFO solana_faucet::faucet] Faucet account address: 6cVS8zWDwSJLe3rPtjZ7mEDBg6CrTBJCkP2WoZcxzmdc [2024-03-19T17:41:29.790665000Z INFO solana_validator::admin_rpc_service] started admin rpc service! [2024-03-19T17:41:29.801980000Z INFO solana_test_validator] Feature for 41tVp5qR1XwWRt5WifvtSQyuxtqQWJgEK8w91AtBqSwP deactivated [2024-03-19T17:41:29.806696000Z INFO solana_ledger::blockstore] Maximum open file descriptors: 1000000 [2024-03-19T17:41:29.807024000Z INFO solana_ledger::blockstore] Opening blockstore at "test-ledger/rocksdb" [2024-03-19T17:41:29.808865000Z WARN solana_ledger::blockstore_db] Unable to detect Rocks columns: Error { message: "IO error: No such file or directory: While opening a file for sequentially reading: test-ledger/rocksdb/CURRENT: No such file or directory" } [2024-03-19T17:41:30.156007000Z INFO solana_ledger::blockstore] Opening blockstore done; blockstore open took 348ms [2024-03-19T17:41:30.172403000Z INFO solana_metrics::metrics] metrics disabled: environment variable not found [2024-03-19T17:41:30.172638000Z INFO solana_metrics::metrics] datapoint: shred_insert_is_full total_time_ms=0i slot=0i last_index=3i num_repaired=0i num_recovered=0i [2024-03-19T17:41:30.308798000Z INFO solana_accounts_db::hardened_unpack] Extracting "test-ledger/genesis.tar.bz2"...

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The error message of:

Error checking to unpack genesis archive: Archive error: extra entry found: "._genesis.bin"

Leads me to believe that there's something extraneous or wrong in your test-ledger/. It might be easiest to delete the whole test-ledger/ directory, which should be found in the directory from which you're executing the command.

Another possible source of the error is that the user executing the command might not have privileges to create files, so be sure that you can create files and directories from the directory in which you're running solana-test-validator.

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