I have been working to update this code to solana 1.18.8, anchor 0.29.0, and mpl-token-metadata 4.1.2.

I have repaired most of the issues except 3.

I have tried importing create_metadata_account_v3 and create_master_edition_v3 like you could under anchor_spl::Metadata, but under mpl_token_metadata::instructions in numerous different ways and I am getting errors that it is private even though the .rs file has it pub.

Additionally, my #[derive(Accounts)] is being hijacked by mpl-token-metadata::Accounts rather than associating with use anchor_lang::prelude::*; as it should.

I am including my code, however, I am aware that there are weird use statements based on my multiple attempts to fix the private issue.

use anchor_lang::prelude::*;
use anchor_spl::{
    token::{mint_to, Mint, MintTo, Token, TokenAccount},
use mpl_token_metadata::{
    instructions::{CreateMetadataAccountV3CpiAccounts, create_metadata_account_v3, CreateMasterEditionV3, create_master_edition_v3},
    accounts::{MasterEdition, Metadata},
    pub mod solana_nft_anchor {

        use super::*;
        pub fn init_nft(
            ctx: Context<InitNFT>,
            name: String,
            symbol: String,
            uri: String,
        ) -> Result<()> {
            // create mint account
            let cpi_context = CpiContext::new(
                MintTo {
                    mint: ctx.accounts.mint.to_account_info(),
                    to: ctx.accounts.associated_token_account.to_account_info(),
                    authority: ctx.accounts.signer.to_account_info(),
            mint_to(cpi_context, 1)?;

        // Create metadata account
        let data_v2 = DataV2 {
            seller_fee_basis_points: 0,
            creators: None,
            collection: None,
            uses: None,
        let metadata_account_pubkey = *ctx.accounts.metadata_account.key;
        let mint_pubkey = *ctx.accounts.mint.to_account_info().key;
        let mint_authority_pubkey = *ctx.accounts.signer.key;
        let payer_pubkey = *ctx.accounts.signer.key;
        let update_authority_pubkey = *ctx.accounts.signer.key;
        let system_program_pubkey = *ctx.accounts.system_program.key;
        let rent_pubkey = Some(*ctx.accounts.rent.to_account_info().key);

        let cpi_accounts = CreateMetadataAccountV3CpiAccounts {
            metadata: &ctx.accounts.metadata_account.to_account_info(),
            mint: &ctx.accounts.mint.to_account_info(),
            mint_authority: &ctx.accounts.signer,
            payer: &ctx.accounts.signer,
            update_authority: (&ctx.accounts.signer, true),
            system_program: &ctx.accounts.system_program,
            rent: Some(&ctx.accounts.rent.to_account_info()),

        let cpi_ctx = ctx.accounts.token_metadata_program.to_account_info();

        // Invoke CPI for creating metadata account
        create_metadata_account_v3(cpi_ctx, None)?;

        let edition_pubkey = *ctx.accounts.master_edition_account.key;
        let token_program_pubkey = *ctx.accounts.token_program.key;
        // Create master edition account
        let cpi_accounts = CreateMasterEditionV3 {
            edition: edition_pubkey,
            mint: mint_pubkey,
            update_authority: update_authority_pubkey,
            mint_authority: mint_authority_pubkey,
            payer: payer_pubkey,
            metadata: metadata_account_pubkey,
            token_program: token_program_pubkey,
            system_program: system_program_pubkey,
            rent: rent_pubkey,

        let cpi_ctx = ctx.accounts.token_metadata_program.to_account_info().clone();

        // Invoke CPI for creating master edition account
        create_master_edition_v3(cpi_ctx, None)?;


    pub struct InitNFT<'info> {
        #[account(mut, signer)]
        pub signer: AccountInfo<'info>,
            payer = signer,
            mint::decimals = 0,
            mint::authority = signer,
            mint::freeze_authority = signer
        pub mint: Account<'info, Mint>,
            payer = signer,
            associated_token::mint = mint,
            associated_token::authority = signer
        pub associated_token_account: Account<'info, TokenAccount>,
        #[account(mut, address = Metadata::find_pda(&mint.key()).0)]
        pub metadata_account: AccountInfo<'info>,
        #[account(mut, address = MasterEdition::find_pda(&mint.key()).0)]
        pub master_edition_account: AccountInfo<'info>,
        pub update_authority: AccountInfo<'info>,
        pub token_program: Program<'info, Token>,
        pub associated_token_program: Program<'info, AssociatedToken>,
        pub token_metadata_program: Program<'info, Metadata>,
        pub system_program: Program<'info, System>,
        pub rent: Sysvar<'info, Rent>,

I am new to Solana so any help would be appreciated.

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checkout https://www.anchor-lang.com/release-notes/0.29.0

Build error: could not find `metadata` in `anchor_spl` and could not find `pda` in `mpl_token_metadata`


I had to still keep mpl-token-metadata and not remove it completely

anchor-spl = { version = "0.29.0", features = ["metadata"] }
mpl-token-metadata = { version = "3.2.3" }

using version 3.2.3 because that's what anchor 0.29.0 is using for mpl-token-metadata and it won't cause any version mismatches.

mpl-token-metadata doesn't have instructions anymore, but they can be used from anchor-spl::metadata

use anchor_spl::metadata::{
use mpl_token_metadata::types::DataV2;

as for creating metadata this worked for me (I'm signing with PDA, that's why I use new_with_signer and seeds)

  ctx: CpiContext::new_with_signer(
    program: ctx.accounts.metadata_program.to_account_info().clone(), 
    accounts: CreateMetadataAccountsV3 {
      metadata: ctx.accounts.metadata_account.to_account_info().clone(),
      mint: ctx.accounts.token_mint.to_account_info().clone(),
      mint_authority: ctx.accounts.update_authority.to_account_info().clone(),
      payer: ctx.accounts.signer.to_account_info().clone(),
      update_authority: ctx.accounts.signer.to_account_info().clone(),
      system_program: ctx.accounts.system_program.to_account_info().clone(),
      rent: ctx.accounts.rent.clone(),
    signer_seeds: &[&seeds[..]],
data: DataV2 {
    name: params.name,
    symbol: params.symbol,
    uri: params.uri,
    creators: None,
    seller_fee_basis_points: 0,
    collection: None,
    uses: None,
  is_mutable: true, 
  update_authority_is_signer: false, 
  collection_details: None

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