Having a instruction that return a number:

    pub fn get_value(ctx: Context<DataGet>) -> Result<u64> {
        let ret = 0;
         // ... 

then, how can I get that Instruction's return value from JS client after send the transaction?

    const tx = await configProgram.methods
      .accounts({  ...  })
      .rpc();  // ? how can I get the return value of 'get_value' instruction ?

Is it possible to archive this ?

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On Solana you would usually store data or state in an account and then read that from js after you changed it in a transaction. I would rethink the problem you are having and check if you really need a view function. Usually if you are just calculating something you can probably also do it in the client or if it is a persistent thing you may want to save it in an account.

There are some way on how you can achieve this though. You can for example log a value and then parse the logs or use a view function in case you are using anchor.


Here is a similar question answering the anchor part: View function in Solana

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    Thanks. I know I can pass value through log or parse the transaction. But I just expect a simple/easy way to get the return value. .view() is new to me, I will try it later. Commented Mar 26 at 17:30

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