Quite new to Solana environment, I want to know if we want to launch a Token, how can we create Openbook Market ID to add liquidity on Dex and go live?


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You can create an Openbook market ID by forking https://github.com/openbook-dex/openbook-v2-ui from Openbook official repo. Run it locally or fork it to avoid the 1 Sol fee. Which means you”ll only need to pay the remaining 2 Sol OpenBook platform fee.

Alternatively you can create an Openbook Market ID by using reputable Openbook platforms like Dexlab.space, solauncher.org or [Openbookdex.org.

On Dexlab users can create an Openbook Market ID from 0.55 SOL, on Solauncher users can create an Openbook Market ID from 0.39 SOL while on Openbookdex.org users can create an Openbook Market ID from 0.42 SOL. All these three platforms offer refunds incase you experience an error while creating the Market ID.

Recently, there has been an alarming trend where scam websites lure new Solana Devs by offering to create OpenBook Market IDs at a significantly lower cost, usually around 0.2 SOL. However, once users sign transaction, they vanish into thin air, leaving victims empty-handed.

It's important to always safeguard your money and avoid falling prey to such scams while doing your own research.

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