This is part of a Lamport password scheme (no relation to the lamport currency unit), that worked on EVM but is too big for Solana. How can I easily send this kind of transaction to a Solana program?

It's theoretically quantum-hard, so that's what the fuss is for.

I want to put password controls on a minting program so the quantum boogeyman doesn't ruin my dapp.

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The maximum size of a solana transaction is 1232 bytes, so you can't. I'd suggest saving the data you need inside a PDA. The maximum size you can create a PDA with is 10 KB, however you can easily resize it using realloc. Note that the maximum amount by which you can increase it per realloc call is currently 10 KB, so it'll take you a few calls but you'll get there, as the maximum size an account can become is 10 MB. Check out this question for more details on creating and managing large PDAs.


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