I'm coming to you with yet another Transaction signature verification failure. I read few other posts about it but it did not helped me (including adding prio fee ix)

Context: I'm using anchor to call my program in my React App and signing the tx with phantom wallet results in invalid signature full decoded tx here

I'm certain that only 1 signature from the user is needed so other accounts involved in tx are not signers.

I also tried adding priority fee transaction but did not help

async function createAuction ( ... ) {


const ix = await program.methods         

const result = await signAndSendTransaction( 


async function signAndSendTransaction(
  ix: anchor.web3.TransactionInstruction,
  wallet: AnchorWallet,
  connection: Connection,
  withDebug: boolean = false
): Promise<{ txSig?: string; lastValidBlockHeight?: number }> {
  if (!ix || !wallet || !connection) {
    throw new Error(
      "[signAndSendTransaction] Err - ix/wallet/connection undefined"

  const PRIORITY_RATE = 100;
  const PRIORITY_FEE_IX = ComputeBudgetProgram.setComputeUnitPrice({
    microLamports: PRIORITY_RATE,

  try {
    const { value: context } = await connection.getLatestBlockhashAndContext(
    const messageV0 = new TransactionMessage({
      payerKey: wallet.publicKey,
      recentBlockhash: context.blockhash,
      instructions: [ix, PRIORITY_FEE_IX],
    const tx = new VersionedTransaction(messageV0);

    await wallet.signTransaction(tx);

    if (withDebug) {

    const sig = await connection.sendTransaction(tx);
    return {
      txSig: sig,
      lastValidBlockHeight: context.lastValidBlockHeight,
  } catch (err) {
    const errMsg = err instanceof Error ? err.message : (err as string);

    throw err;

If I try to call my program via rpc method:

const sig = await program.methods         

Everything works fine.

What am I missing here?

Really appreciate your help!


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