As in the title when i stake my sol to the stake-pool, The token that i get in return should be of Token-2022 standard. Is it possible? I don't have much idea of the spl-token pool.

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It sure is possible! There are restrictions on the mint extensions allowed by the program, however, so be sure to run a test to make sure.

Note that it's not currently supported by the CLI, but the program will allow it no problem, so you'll need to write some client code to call the program. Here's the list of allowed extensions:

  • transfer fee
  • confidential transfer
  • default account state
  • interest-bearing
  • metadata pointer
  • metadata

Code at https://github.com/solana-labs/solana-program-library/blob/61cea383c1318efd0e2958e03ff709d6e4a2110e/stake-pool/program/src/state.rs#L502

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