I have created a new SPLToken on DevNet and added the following account - 2ePFwPK3coTPqzirUaM9fugKnQL1V6zQp5TbPmopipiH

I am trying to add the metadata to the newly created SPL Token using the following command.

spl-token initialize-metadata 2ePFwPK3coTPqzirUaM9fugKnQL1V6zQp5TbPmopipiH NALA NALA ipfs://QmVmSfUfY36NtjgR621FhWQUwrsDt9Uif2ymvpt5rA4dEx

It is throwing the following error.

Error: Program(InvalidAccountData)

Could you please guide me to understand this issue.

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Since you're using the spl-token CLI, then the metadata that you're trying to create is specific to spl-token-2022.

To create the metadata then, you first need to create a mint with spl-token-2022 using the --enable-metadata flag:

$ spl-token --program-id TokenzQdBNbLqP5VEhdkAS6EPFLC1PHnBqCXEpPxuEb create-token --enable-metadata

After that, you can initialize the metadata:

$ spl-token initialize-metadata <MINT_ADDRESS> MyTokenName TOKEN http://my.token

But be sure to use a mint address. In your case, 2ePFwPK3coTPqzirUaM9fugKnQL1V6zQp5TbPmopipiH is a user's token account, and FgWD6aipxESGpEAdm4fBCipMMiV38TQfWbR5Lree6LkN is the mint account.

More information at https://spl.solana.com/token-2022/extensions#metadata

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