I have written my code and tests in typescript to create a Token 2022 which I would like to have it's PDA be the mint authority. This was working using spl-token but it seems the function I am using now wants me to sign for the PDA when it is passed.

Here is the code snippet.

const mintTransaction = new Transaction().add(
        fromPubkey: payer.publicKey,
        newAccountPubkey: mint,
        space: mintLen,
        lamports: mintLamports,
        programId: TOKEN_2022_PROGRAM_ID,

    createInitializeMintInstruction(mint, decimals, mintAuthorityPubkey, null, TOKEN_2022_PROGRAM_ID)

        programId: TOKEN_2022_PROGRAM_ID,
        metadata: mint,
        updateAuthority: mint,
        mint: mint,
        mintAuthority: mintAuthorityPDA,
        name: metadata.name,
        symbol: metadata.symbol,
        uri: metadata.uri,

const signers = [payer, mintKeypair]
const initSig = await sendAndConfirmTransaction(connection, mintTransaction, signers, undefined);

How do I send set the token to allow minting with a PDA?

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The mint authority needs to sign for the creation of metadata, so if your mint authority is a PDA, then you need an on-chain program that can sign for that PDA using invoke_signed.

I'm not sure about what you're trying to do, but it might be easier to use a normal keypair when initializing the mint and metadata, and then setting the mint authority to a PDA after you're done using set-authority on the token program.


Here is an example of an Anchor program instruction that creates a token2022 mint account with the metadata extension enable. You can use it as a starting point and update it to use a PDA as the mint authority.

Here is an example of an Anchor program using the original token program to create a mint with a PDA as the mint authority and mints tokens through a program. You can use this as a reference for how to sign for cross program invocations using PDA seeds.

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