Why doesn't Token Extensions metadata display properly on Solana Explorer while Solscan, Solana.fm & Phantom wallet displays metadata without issues?

For example, on devnet, I've created a test spl-token2022/Token Extension token with metadata extensions enabled, and on Solana Explorer, I see "Unknown Token" listed above the token overview.

If I use spl-token without metadata extensions, and instead go the Metaplex route, the tokens metadata does display above the token overview, but there's an associated warning message. See examples below:

With metadata extensions enabled:

enter image description here

Without metadata extensions enabled (using Metaplex program):

enter image description here

Now, here's where things get interesting. Looking at CoinGecko for other token-extension projects, I see the following:

Exhibit A: https://explorer.solana.com/address/G7rwEgk8KgQ4RUTnMy2W2i7dRDq4hXHD4CSp9PSmSbRW

Exhibit B: https://explorer.solana.com/address/CKfatsPMUf8SkiURsDXs7eK6GWb4Jsd6UDbs7twMCWxo

Exhibit C: https://explorer.solana.com/address/FLUXBmPhT3Fd1EDVFdg46YREqHBeNypn1h4EbnTzWERX

Exhibit D: https://explorer.solana.com/address/7usVzynPTUJ9czdS96ezm9C6Z3hCsjb7j6TMKipURyyQ

Source: https://www.coingecko.com/en/categories/token-2022

Notice that:

1.) The 4 token2022 projects above aren't using any metadata extensions

2.) These 4 projects also aren't using the metaplex program

So, how are those token2022 projects able to get their metadata recognized by Solana Explorer and NOT have "Unknown token" or a "Warning!" message displayed above the token overview? At this point I don't know which route to go.

1.) Use token2022 with metaplex program and have the metadata display correctly, but risk scaring people away because there's a "Warning!" message above the token overview.

2.) Use token2022 with metadata/metadata pointer extensions and have no "Warning!" message above the token overview, but risk scaring people away because there's "Unknown token" displayed above token overview.

Neither seem like good choices, and so I (and probably many others) would prefer the correct way to go about this. I've even tried using metadata extensions with metaplex, but the metaplex program looks to be incompatible with metadata extensions. I'm really hoping someone can point me in the right direction on this.


  • Ken I posted a similar question days ago ( below ) & my question was CLOSED by a moderator. No answer to your question can be found in my opinion. I've reached out to roughly 15 folks at solana ( top devs ) on linkedin & twitter and have had no response 👀 ! ((((((( UPDATE the gentlemen a Mr. Jacob Creech did respond to my query on twitter. I asked him to weigh in on this question. ))))))) The tokens you mention are not using the 2 metadata extensions as you point out & are using metaplex i believe. But due to some kinks in token 2022 the metadata displays & doesn't READ as metaplex ( a guess Commented Apr 22 at 4:55
  • I think I may have stumbled across a workaround yesterday. If we look at fluxbeam.xyz/app/tokens, we see a list of Token2022 projects. If we click on the token's address, we're taken to Solana.fm. From what I see, the common denominator is that token22 spl-token's that are "Jupiter Verified" have their metadata showing correctly on Solana Explorer. See this project: solana.fm/address/… Notice that "Mutant" has metadata ext. & also has its metadata showing correctly on SE. I'm going to test this route & report back.
    – Ken P
    Commented Apr 22 at 22:07

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Short answer: be patient, Solana Explorer will support Token Extensions soon. In the meantime as you note, solana.fm shows Token Extensions metadata properly.

In regards to mixing token extensions and metaplex - you don't need metaplex for Token Extensions tokens. Instead, you:

  • use Token Metadata extension to write the metadata directly to the token mint
  • use Metadata Pointer to point the mint to itself to find the metadata.

The other answerer is right in that Solana Foundation and Labs generally don't encourage making tokens that use Token Extensions and Metaplex - eg why make a token using permanent delegate extension and metaplex for metadata, when both of these features (permanent delegate and metadata) are already built into the Token Extensions program?

Understanding the warning

The warning:

Warning! Token names and logos are not unique. This token may have spoofed its name and logo to look like another token. Verify the token's mint address to ensure it is correct.

Is accurate. Anyone can make a new token on mainnet, set the symbol to be USDC and the logo to be the USDC logo, and make a fake USDC. What they can't do is fake the token's mint address to match what the USDC website says.

To make the message go away and become a 'well known' token

Some community groups have lists of 'well known' tokens. This may be based on market cap, team reputation, or other factors.

Yes these projects have annoyingly similar names, one is 'Unified' the other is 'Universal'.

  • Hi Mike. Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure if you've read my response to "YesOurAppsTALK," but I've stumbled across something interesting the last day or so. While observing V2 tokens on fluxbeam.xyz/app/tokens, I see that any token that is "Jupiter Verified" has its metadata displaying correctly on SE e.g. explorer.solana.com/address/… Notice that this token is Jupiter Verified on Solana.fm. So would it be safe to assume that the temporary workaround solution is to get our projects verified on Jupiter? Interested on your thoughts..
    – Ken P
    Commented Apr 23 at 16:43
  • @KenP Yes, I've updated my answer with some info on what solana.fm and explorer use for 'well known' tokens.
    – mikemaccana
    Commented Apr 29 at 20:06
  • 1
    thanks for verifying. Your updated answer is sufficient enough for me to mark as the accepted answer. Thanks, again.
    – Ken P
    Commented May 2 at 2:22

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