I am using mpl core and I am trying to remove the freeze delegate plugin, but getting this error

  logs: [
    'Program 5TXoYuQbVzpFAqp2HdRtsAnH42pnps156V4WH8cHWGPz invoke [1]',
    'Program log: Instruction: CancelRentCore',
    'Program log: calling unlock core',
    'Program log: asset manager authority GRa8XGiSERUKN5jMRKMiMG9Xu3uCxgBN3EGGNzW4dyuC',
    'Program CoREENxT6tW1HoK8ypY1SxRMZTcVPm7R94rH4PZNhX7d invoke [2]',
    'Program log: Instruction: RemovePlugin',
    'Program log: FreezeDelegate: Rejected',
    'Program log: Invalid Authority',
    'Program CoREENxT6tW1HoK8ypY1SxRMZTcVPm7R94rH4PZNhX7d consumed 10529 of 280011 compute units',
    'Program CoREENxT6tW1HoK8ypY1SxRMZTcVPm7R94rH4PZNhX7d failed: custom program error: 0x9',
    'Program 5TXoYuQbVzpFAqp2HdRtsAnH42pnps156V4WH8cHWGPz consumed 30518 of 300000 compute units',
    'Program 5TXoYuQbVzpFAqp2HdRtsAnH42pnps156V4WH8cHWGPz failed: custom program error: 0x9'

I think the error might be because the asset is frozen, and if so how do I unfreeze the asset?

Here is the Rust program code


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Depending on what you are trying to achieve you would either thaw the Asset, or remove the plugin altogether.

Those are examples using the umi JS SDK @metaplex-foundation/mpl-core.

To remove a plugin completely you would have to use:

  const result = removePluginV1(umi, {
    asset: asset.publicKey,
    pluginType: PluginType.FreezeDelegate,

To just thaw the asset you would update the plugin using data frozen: false.

  await updatePluginV1(umi, {
    asset: asset.publicKey,
    plugin: createPlugin({ type: 'FreezeDelegate', data: { frozen: false } }),

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