is there a way to have multiple addresses all controlled by one wallet or keypair? so essentially i could have funds spread across multiple addresses but send them all at once?


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This is a bit of a vague question, so I'll give a few answers in the hopes that one of them addresses what you wanted.

One keypair only maps to one account / wallet, so it can only control those funds.

If you're using a seed phrase though, that can be interpreted in different ways using BIP-32 or BIP-44 hierarchical derivation. You can do this by adding some other part to your "path" when deriving the public address, ie:

solana airdrop 1 "prompt://?key=0/1"

More information at https://docs.solanalabs.com/cli/wallets/paper#hierarchical-derivation

If you're talking about SPL Token accounts, one wallet / keypair can have as many token accounts as it wants. For example, you can repeatedly do:

solana-keygen new -o account.json
spl-token create-account <MINT> account.json

And there's still one more method, which is through "create-with-seed". This method isn't extremely well supported, but it is possible to use it, ie:

solana create-address-with-seed "some_string" <PROGRAM_ID>

More information at https://docs.solanalabs.com/cli/usage#solana-create-address-with-seed


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