I'm trying to call the connection.getLatestBlockhash(...) method in @solana/web3.js (version 1.50.1) on localnet but I keep encountering

Error: failed to get recent blockhash: Error: failed to get latest blockhash: Method not found

Is anyone else encountering this issue? Is this method unavailable on localnet? If it's just a problem with my local network, any known solutions?

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The getLatestBlockhash function is new in Solana version 1.9, see here: https://docs.solana.com/developing/clients/jsonrpc-api#getlatestblockhash

NEW: This method is only available in solana-core v1.9 or newer. Please use getRecentBlockhash for solana-core v1.8

Are you on an earlier version by any chance? If you run solana-test-validator --version it'll tell you which version you have.

If you do have an earlier version you should be able to install the latest with solana-install update.

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