This is my solana adress BF2evyFgDF6bz5wquFA7XqcGbAYd2RzdkQiPGZCtubR4

Even if i have not approved any transaction, all my assets have ben transferred to another wallet. How is this possible? can you help me please?

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I also had my SOL stolen from two of my addresses on phantom.

I was using Phantom on the Edge browser. I had my phrases to recover both wallets on google drive in plain text. I did use an easy password for my phantom wallet like Crypto123! I use malwarebytes, backblaze for backup and have oldtweetdeck extension on the Edge. Do you have anything in common ? Did you click to confirm your transaction or were the funds withdrawn without your knowledge ?

Do you have anything in common with my situation ?


My 11 assets were transferred from my phantom wallet to this address ANsTzGtH3NnmgUgagrRQgm6wNT9GdmxH7Xu3ex3E4M7d I don't understand how they get hold of my wallet please i really need help to get them revoked.thanks this is my solana address GeMDqhjBMu3raDNeh6kYWNcsPDDdbmC4roJuTkhsidZW.

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