since everything it's an account, how to categorize this into 3 : nft, lp token, spl token/spl token 2022 ?

assuming i've below code :

const accounts = await connection.getTokenAccountsByOwner(payer, {
        programId: TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID,
for (const { pubkey, account } of [...accounts.value]) {
        const rawResult = SPL_ACCOUNT_LAYOUT.decode(account.data);
        const { mint, amount } = rawResult;
        const info = await connection.getAccountInfo(mint);
        // how to differentiate this account info ? 

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You can use connection.getParsedAccountInfo(mint), which will give you the JSON of the mint account.

Stackblitz example: https://stackblitz.com/edit/node-6hvxsq?file=index.mjs

const mint = await connection.getParsedAccountInfo(mintPublicKey, 'confirmed');

This will output something like:

  parsed: {
    info: {
      decimals: 9,
      freezeAuthority: 'By253LU6m7W6mVapyqBR4uJu23XjdEGBwLYL9WikNYA1',
      isInitialized: true,
      mintAuthority: 'By253LU6m7W6mVapyqBR4uJu23XjdEGBwLYL9WikNYA1',
      supply: '876233903000000000'
    type: 'mint'
  program: 'spl-token',
  space: 82

You can identify an NFT from this data: it will have decimals=0 and supply=1

AFAIK there's no easy way to distinguish an LP token from not though, because they are just SPL tokens with a special meaning to certain programs. There's nothing stored on-chain that distinguishes them. If I had to guess, you might be able to use the mintAuthority if a given platform uses the same authority for all its LP tokens.

  • Agreed. Depending on your (op) use case, you can use any number of datapoints to differentiate LP tokens if you know that the ones you're targeting share a trait (such as mint authority). You could also make a second query to get its metadata and make differentiations based on that.
    – Morgandril
    Commented May 9 at 20:54

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