This is a small test that I want to run on the devnet.

export async function createMintsTransaction(
  wallet: AnchorWallet
): Promise<anchor.web3.Transaction> {
  const [provider, program, seedUtil] = await getAnchorConfigs(wallet);

  const likeMintIx = await program.methods
      likeMetadata: seedUtil.likeMetadataPda,
      payer: provider.wallet.publicKey,

  const retweetMintIx = await program.methods
      retweetMetadata: seedUtil.retweetMetadataPda,
      payer: provider.wallet.publicKey,

  return new anchor.web3.Transaction().add(likeMintIx).add(retweetMintIx);

describe("SolChirp Anchor tests", async () => {
  it("create the Like & Retweet mints", async () => {
    await anchor.web3
        await util.createMintsTransaction(MASTER_WALLET),
      .catch((err) => {

the anchor toml -


resolution = true
skip-lint = false

sol_chirp = "2fjRTWqVzMHu77NdsdrE1KKkzs4GW8cQoCo4h1nQWCjM"

url = "https://api.apr.dev"

cluster = "devnet"
wallet = "~/.config/solana/id.json"

test = "yarn run ts-mocha -p ./tsconfig.json -t 1000000 tests/**/*.ts"

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You have probably gotten your IP blacklisted. Give it a few days / switch to a new provider.

When I faced this error, I switched my provider/connection string to Helius, since program deployments worked just fine.

const connection = new Connection(
  • 1
    Thanks! doing this solved it!!
    – Yash Patil
    Commented May 15 at 8:00

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