I working on solana trading bot, i am using @solana/web3 for blockchain communication and raydium amm pools for performing swaps. I need the fastest way to perform transactions and know if it processed or rejected. Now I am using this code

const transactionHash = await connection.sendTransaction(transaction);
const latestBlockHash = await connection.getLatestBlockhash();

await connection.confirmTransaction({
  blockhash: latestBlockHash.blockhash,
  lastValidBlockHeight: latestBlockHash.lastValidBlockHeight,
  signature: transactionHash,
}, 'processed');

But it takes usually 1 minute to perform transaction or get rejected and it is too long

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Are you using the public RPC endpoints?

You could change RPC providers and manually benchmark to see which one is the fastest. I'd recommend checking out Triton One but a full list can be found here https://solana.com/rpc

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