i saw TweetNacl-js library in Solana-Coookbook and if i want to sign signature in client side and sign the transaction and send it to solana smart contract. Is there a way? if i consider to use ED25519 Program.. how should i proceed?

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Unfortunately, you can't call the ed25519 program directly from your smart-contract. You need to include an instruction to the program at the toplevel, ie:

        let privkey = ed25519_dalek::Keypair::generate(&mut thread_rng());
        let message_arr = b"hello";
        let mut instruction = new_ed25519_instruction(&privkey, message_arr);
        let mint_keypair = Keypair::new();

        let tx = Transaction::new_signed_with_payer(

Copied from the rust tests at https://github.com/anza-xyz/agave/blob/8f9fc2ada2396fc1e41a7393e9ac8714635d3107/sdk/src/ed25519_instruction.rs#L347

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