currently I have a css/react.js widget made in C:\Users\Keola\Desktop\MyToken-ICOWidget\Project\React-Widget\ico_widget which looks like this: (so far) enter image description here

I want to tie in the wallet adapter to the widget I have. I tried asking chat-gpt and it broke my project because the info is dated...

How do I add the newer version of anza-xyz/wallet-adapter into my preexisting project?? like where the hell is a tutorial for this also???

thank you.

P.S. I'm using react.js not react.ts


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Here's the page/connections guide for front end daps https://github.com/anza-xyz/wallet-adapter/blob/master/APP.md

Using JS shouldn't be an issue, just remove the TS typings and you should be good to go.


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