We purchased the Paid RPC in Quicknode. Plan - Solana Digital Asset Standard API by QuickNode

Please respond quickly. And more customers are using our NFT platform. Please let me know what actions are being taken.

Issue :

NftMintingDetailsComponent ~ this.dataService.postRequest ~ this.error: TransactionExpiredTimeoutError: Transaction was not confirmed in 30.00 seconds. It is unknown if it succeeded or failed. Check signature 2fj22B2a1RTixEwQhaB5rMKpAR2biEv5Hqa45RA5szUbJv8kzmHtxkmwjL3pmoXP2dDmEJ8TPC9vzGZY4EGgQjgb using the Solana Explorer or CLI tools. at main.cfecd82b7705d8ca.js:1:404986 at Generator.next () at l (main.cfecd82b7705d8ca.js:1:1141129) at X (main.cfecd82b7705d8ca.js:1:1141340) at v.invoke (polyfills.25996055e980a3f2.js:1:6569) at Object.onInvoke (main.cfecd82b7705d8ca.js:1:912876) at v.invoke (polyfills.25996055e980a3f2.js:1:6509) at L.run (polyfills.25996055e980a3f2.js:1:1950) at polyfills.25996055e980a3f2.js:1:16779 at v.invokeTask (polyfills.25996055e980a3f2.js:1:7187)


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From the question, I assume you're confirming transactions with connection.confirmTransaction(signature, "confirmed)

Try using this instead:

const block = await connection.getLatestBlockhash("confirmed");
const result = await connection.confirmTransaction(

const error = result.value.err;
if (error) {
    throw Error(error.toString());

This will confirm based on block height rather than a 30sec threshold. Additionally, if you aren't already, consider prepending a priority fee to your transactions:

const addPriorityFee = ComputeBudgetProgram.setComputeUnitPrice({
    microLamports: <microlamport fee>,

EDIT: There are better ways to do confirmations that are a bit more involved, but those are out of the scope of this question

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