I created a new file wallet using:

solana-keygen new --outfile ./new_wallet.json

Output of this command shows a pubkey and a seed phrase to save. I tried to import this output seed phrase into a wallet extension. When I entered this seed phrase, it showed like 100+ accounts to import and none of them was actual pubkey of created wallet. I confirmed it using:

solana-keygen pubkey ./new_wallet.json

The PublicKey output of this command, does not exist on seed phrase import. Then I tried importing wallet using private key, this works nicely. But seed phrase import points to completely different address. I am confused.

  • yeah, i'm also interested in this! I'm pretty sure it has to do with derivation paths and the CLI using a different one than the wallet extensions..
    – Solandy
    Aug 3, 2022 at 17:31

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I elaborated the differences between CLI and common web wallet key derivation in this answer


It is because of derivations. For example you can read in the Phantom docs: https://docs.phantom.app/resources/faq#how-does-phantom-import-wallet-addresses

Send a small amount of Sol to the new wallet you just created and it will place it at the top of the list for importing.

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