I have a signature from the Phantom wallet in the Uint8Array format which I receive in the following way.

const encodedMessage = new TextEncoder().encode("sign me please");
const signedMessage = await provider.signMessage(encodedMessage, "utf8");

I need to serialise/convert this signature as a string so that I can pass it via an API.


I have tried using TextDecoder like this:

const decodedSignature = new TextDecoder().decode(signedMessage.signature);

however if I try to encode it back, I get a Uint8Array that contains different bytes that the original signature:

// the result is different from signedMessage.signature
const encodedSignature = new TextEncoder().encode(decodedSignature);


How can I convert a Phantom wallet signature to string an back in order to pass it via API calls?

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You need to convert it to base64

const base64str = Buffer.from(signedMessage).toString('base64');

At the backend just decode base64 string back to u8 array.

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