I will add liquidity from the tokens I built in token 2022 using CLMM according to this question How to create a Liquidity pool for a token 2022 token

After I entered “Confirm Deposit” and the gas fee was deducted, it failed with this error message (#5 - Raydium Concentrated Liquidity: OpenPositionV2 (Program Error: “null”))

signature: https://solscan.io/tx/2nPKxNenW6Nx1jxGPg3umF3ThBKgfdH7XzVX9f4XpzuRmYVWcTfRQu5wVnwZ2zr9wPJ9LS6s98zXLNCg3xAdsaE9

What is the cause of this and what is the future solution?

Thank you

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According to the program logs, you have insufficient funds for the transfer

The log messages

Invoking System Program
  > Transfer: insufficient lamports 63964291, need 72161280
  > Program returned error: custom program error: 0x1
> Program Raydium Concentrated Liquidity consumed

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