When I try to run anchor build in my terminal, this is the result I am getting in the terminal. I have uninstalled and installed rust but I am still getting the same output.

enter image description here

  • What version of Solana and anchor have you installed? Are you using WSL or Windows powershell?
    – Jimii
    Commented Jun 2 at 13:55
  • I use anchor version 0.30.0 and Solana version 1.18.15 I have tried both wsl and windows powershell. I am getting the same result. Commented Jun 3 at 22:47
  • could you try downgrading to 1.18.2 and anchor 0.29.0 and see if there are any differences
    – Jimii
    Commented Jun 4 at 15:28
  • I am still getting the same error. Commented Jun 5 at 1:46
  • Please use text instead of screenshots so other people can find your question.
    – mikemaccana
    Commented Jun 11 at 19:21

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This looks like a bug in the typenum crate that you're using. You're using Windows, which doesn't allow for / in the paths, but the code is trying to include a file directly at https://github.com/paholg/typenum/blob/b237efbb1da9646435274f63d7290cb7651b031f/src/lib.rs#L72

You might need to fix that code to use a join instead, just like https://github.com/paholg/typenum/blob/b237efbb1da9646435274f63d7290cb7651b031f/build/op.rs#L20


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