I am trying to develop an snipe bot but when detecting new pools from Raydium I detect them between 20-40 seconds after creation.

I have tried with QuickNode and Helius RPC nodes, but I don't see a big difference.

Helius offers dedicated RPC nodes but it costs 1.800-2.400 USD/month... too much to test them.

I think it is not possible to test them just buy paying a few days.

Has anybody tested it for snipping?, how long does it take it to detect a new pool?

Have you trying by creating your own node?, what latency have you reached?, server cost?

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Getting close to real-time detection of new LP-pools on raydium can be quite trivial and don't have to cost that much.

I have achieved this using Helius's geyser rpc endpoints with their transaction subscribe method. This processes generally faster than the normal program subscribe that you would do on a "vanilla" rpc client.

The second thing that affects how fast you will be detecting new pools, is the commitment level which you subscribe to. While finalized guarantees that the pool is created and is fetchable, you can use both processed or confirmed to speed things up significantly. As you then get the trigger when the transaction hits the validator, and not after the vote is complete.

Hope this helps your endeavor and best of luck

  • Many thanks, I will check both options. Commented Jun 26 at 17:37

Here is a list of RPC providers: https://solana.com/rpc

It seems like Triton and Helius have good reputation.

In Triton's case it seems that they offer 400 ms latency with a dedicated RPC node that costs 2.000 USD/month.

Helius offers 1.800 and 2.400 USD/month services but I can't see any reference to their latency.

But I don't find a way to test these services for free (not even for a short test).


I meet the same problem when getting LiquidState on Raydium (to calculate realtime token's price). The latency is about 15 - 20 seconds. I've already tried with PRC from Quicknode, Helius and Chainstack (the cheapest paid versions), but there was no improvement. I am not sure it is the PRC's problem or Raydium's problem. Have anybody have solution for this? Thank you!

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