I want to get Sol reserves and token reserves for a newly create pump.fun token. On Solscan, I can see these values in the inner instructions of the tokens creation signature. Heres an example:


Under instruction "#6.4 - Pump.Fun: Unknown" you can see "virtualSolReserves" and "virtualTokenReserves" in the Events section. My question is how do I get the value of these fields.

When I use getTransaction(), I can get the "Instruction Data Raw". For example, using the same solscan transaction above I can get the Raw Instruction Data in encoded form, which looks like: 2K7nL28PxCW8ejnyCeuMpbXf8Xj7ysXeidJ55TJtZ8PzmG6NLHutyvhym8DqCYcg92aNSXYc4zw6BTJH2matHQR2vqYABBozk3wQJnArhbuCarwm6a1rdvkWiQS8JzqX5citcf3Hf8VMppEpJHtxDQ7J6FJHdnvUG7tyfqG6iU2wpqKR9MZS8515ZAXq

(on the solscan link provided, you can see this by control-f "e445a52e51cb9a1dbddb7fd34ee661eec5c7cc3d63eb826f29ed1c13ed12b623b18dc813f9f0068ae959561c0ed153ef00a3e111000000002d269589a90900000102d9b0c8ef65efba9ce4f49d239deb27e0b90af8432c7f91726f4f185f2a7a971803656600000000004f050e07000000d3e942be39c6030000a3e11100000000d3513072a8c70200" and then hitting the little wheel next to it to the encoded form)

Ultimately, I am wondering how decode this raw instruction data to get its information and values. How would I create a program in PYTHON to decode this? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :)

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You can use the deserialize method from the Transaction class of solana.py to acheive this.

Refer to the documentation here: https://michaelhly.com/solana-py/core/transaction/

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