Seems like there's no specific address associated with a Solana NFT Collection. How does marketplaces like magic eden track transaction history from a collection scale?

For a single NFT, seems like a mixture of getSignaturesForAddress RPC API call and getTransaction RPC API call do the job

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The generally recommended solution for this is to index the data from the chain in some sort of operational datastore off chain, using a Geyser plugin.

Holaplex is one such implementation of an indexer-as-a-service.

Here’s a GraphQL query that you can make to Holaplex to get all NFTs belonging to a collection, by the mint address of the collection.

  nfts(offset: 0, limit: 50, collection: "t2JCfPQQrAa731ShvnagKAFKfiPrYooy1r7zDTmWVqT") {
    attributes {

Try it out at https://graph.holaplex.com/graphiql

You might like to ask Holaplex to add a query that lets you fetch all purchase events in a GraphQL connection. Looking at https://docs.holaplex.com/ I’m not sure that’s something they currently offer.


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