I have something like the following in my account struct for one of my instructions

pub struct DripOrcaWhirlpool<'info> {
    /// CHECK: Temporary
    pub whirlpool: Box<Account<'info, Whirlpool>>,


I copied the Whirlpool from the orca whirlpool repo, and I am passing in whirlpool accounts owned by the orca whirlpool program into my instruction. However, I get the following error with this setup.

  logs: [
    'Program dripTrkvSyQKvkyWg7oi4jmeEGMA5scSYowHArJ9Vwk invoke [1]',
    'Program log: Instruction: DripOrcaWhirlpool',
    'Program log: AnchorError caused by account: whirlpool. Error Code: AccountOwnedByWrongProgram. Error Number: 3007. Error Message: The given account is owned by a different program than expected.',
    'Program log: Left:',
    'Program log: whirLbMiicVdio4qvUfM5KAg6Ct8VwpYzGff3uctyCc',
    'Program log: Right:',
    'Program log: dripTrkvSyQKvkyWg7oi4jmeEGMA5scSYowHArJ9Vwk',
  • Does it deserialise fine without #[account(mut)]?
    – sohrab
    Commented Aug 4, 2022 at 23:03

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My fix was to create a dummy program in my project with the correct declare_id! set.

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