Is it possible to write a Solana program that automatically interacts with the Solana chain whenever something happens?

A simple example would be: Whenever a dex such as Orca swaps USDC for SOL at a price of X, I want to also swap USDC for SOL. Basically the pseudocode is:

0 - Run program...

1 - Program continuously listens to Orca USDC-SOL pool...

2 - Program buys when last Orca price is below $X

Is it possible to have that program run? From the docs, it says that a client has to interact with a program in order for it to run... but can that interaction just be step 0? (Running the program)

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At the moment this is not possible natively. See this proposal.

However, you have some options:

  • You could setup a server to listen to changes on an account you care about and then submit transactions yourself.
  • You can also setup a validator and pipe out data from it using geyser. This would give you a firehouse of data that you can make decisions on.
  • Another approach is to build a crank mechanism into your program and incentivize others to pull the crank. Lots of programs do this, you might even be able to build on top of one.
  • Check out https://www.cronos.so/

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