I'm writing some unit tests and want to test that a user cannot update data on a PDA created by another user. How can I get "another user?" I'm creating the first user:

const provider = anchor.AnchorProvider.env()


await program.methods
          user: provider.wallet.publicKey,

Then I want to call updatePda with another wallet like so:

await program.methods
        .updatePda('NEW DATA')
          user: another_provider.another_wallet.publicKey,

Is this doable in anchor? Do I need a new wallet on the same provider, or do I need an entirely new provider?

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Another user in your case is any Keypair

You can generate another Keypair using:

const user1 = anchor.web3.Keypair.generate();
const user2 = anchor.web3.Keypair.generate();

Then you can call updatePda with user1.publicKey

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