As I understand a slot is period of time a pre-determined leader ingests transactions, signs them , distributes it to the validators to vote on them, technically there is no delay between a leader recieving several tx bundling them into entries ( i.e signing and attaching poh hash) and distributing it to validators to validate and vote upon, so how is a block defined then ? what is the block space limit in solana terminology, for example ethereum has a gas limit , max 30 million gas limit per block.

  • I'll answer the "what is a block" part here. please move the question about the limit to its own post and reword this one
    – trent.sol
    Jul 14, 2022 at 17:07

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A slot is a period of time where the predetermined leader may propose a bundle of transactions that it attests to being valid as per consensus. Whether that bundle ends up being a block depends upon whether

  • the scheduled leader actually produced a bundle at that slot
  • the bundle is in fact valid per the current consensus rules
  • the bundle was built upon the majority fork

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