Here is the account where is the program id that i can use in anchor https://explorer.solana.com/tx/2u1dmgThKZyMUBTAGJCEr5oQivGrufKWhFfQXKpwV1kgv35ymYeTPiTWC8Nx842BJegANKpknVyCZdacmgn17y6q?cluster=devnet


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Here's a gif for how to locate the programId on Solana Playground!

enter image description here


To add to the previous answers, declare_id! on your code will automatically update to match your program id when you build the project.


The program id is 8Xnz4ta9XGsq7A7mHTeMd9eg4JQoT7z1TxoiKdp3StVY

You can also find the program id on the build tab in solana playground:

screenshot from solana playground

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