I'm using metaplex and have to create a feature that allow users to make an offer on a NFT that isn't put on for sale. I already implemented normal selling flow - sell and execute-sale with auction house, but how to generate an offer on a NFT that isn't put on for sale in programmatically?

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As stated in one of the answers, you can make a Buy order similar to the sell order.

In Auction House, both the sell order (offer) and the buy order (bid) are represented using separate Trade States.

The beauty of separate buy and sell orders is that one can post a bid for a non-listed NFT one prefers. This allows for the non-sellers to allure attractive bids for their NFTs, and vice-versa allows buyers to attract otherwise non-interested sellers.


Auction House is a program under Metaplex that uses a protocol called stateless-offer in order to generate an offer on an NFT that isn't escrowed.

You can accomplish this by using buy within Auction house to place an offer on an NFT that is not "for sale". The offer can then be executed using execute-sale.

  • Hi Jacob, thanks, buy can create an offer, and would you explain to me more details about how to accept / cancel the specific offer on the owner side? Maybe offers should be recognized by txid or something another? Aug 17, 2022 at 17:41

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