I wondering 3 things.

  1. How can i know invoke_signed's second parameter needs 3 accounts??
  1. And, Is this order important? For example, can I change order like this
            ctx.accounts.metadata.to_account_info(),               // 2
            candy_machine_creator.to_account_info(),               // 3
            ctx.accounts.token_metadata_program.to_account_info(), // 1
  1. What is need for seed? invoke_signed is need for PDA, right?

I try like this,

seed = &[&["metadata".as_ref(), 

but fail with message

'Program failed to complete: Could not create program address with signer seeds: Provided seeds do not result in a valid address'

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  1. The metaplex documentation specifies the arguments and accounts needed for its instructions here: https://docs.metaplex.com/programs/token-metadata/instructions

  2. No, order isn't important.

  3. invoke_signed() is only needed when the signer for a transaction is a PDA because PDAs can't sign transactions on the client side like a normal wallet can. In your particular case update_authority is the signer for the transaction. If update_authority is a normal account then invoke() is all you need.


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