I have a data account with 187 bytes allocated

After each signature, the data changes. Yet I can't seem to find how to get the changes in the data that happened in that account.

e.g. this transaction

instruction data: 6b 92 54 5c 84 7c 27 5c 06 03 04 03 is the data that has been passed to the program. It's possible to know the changes that happened by decoding the instruction data but it's different for each program. Is there a general way of knowing how was the data affected?

I can get the current data by getting the account info but I can't for other epochs.

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After searching and asking multiple people, the reliable way to get account data changes is by replaying/simulating the transaction and seeing the changes that occur for the account.

e.g. The behavior of the program is encoded into the program itself. A program is just eBPF bytecode. Exactly like an .exe file So simulation re-executes it identically to when the tx was run on the chain. You’ll need all historical account states (including program) next to the instruction.

Thanks to Richard Patel for the help.

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