Does the order of signers keys signing a transaction matter?

While going through the versioned transaction source code, signer_keys and expected_signer_keys vectors are being compared and this throws a KeypairPubkeyMismatch if the order of keys signing the transaction does not match.

impl VersionedTransaction {
    /// Signs a versioned message and if successful, returns a signed
    /// transaction.
    pub fn try_new<T: Signers>(
        message: VersionedMessage,
        keypairs: &T,
    ) -> std::result::Result<Self, SignerError> {
        let static_account_keys = message.static_account_keys();
        if static_account_keys.len() < message.header().num_required_signatures as usize {
            return Err(SignerError::InvalidInput("invalid message".to_string()));

        let signer_keys = keypairs.pubkeys();
        let expected_signer_keys =
            &static_account_keys[0..message.header().num_required_signatures as usize];
        if signer_keys != expected_signer_keys {
            return Err(SignerError::KeypairPubkeyMismatch);

More at here

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The order does matter. The first signer included in the array of signers is always the one responsible for paying the transactions fees.

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