How to obtain block/slot time?

I know that I can view it here under the 1min and 1hr Slot Time average, but what I'm after is a way to request it directly via the Solana-web3js library or the JSON-RPC library. Is there a way?

Also I'm after the time it takes to process the block, not the block timestamp


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You can use the RPC method getRecentPerformanceSamples: https://docs.solana.com/developing/clients/jsonrpc-api#getrecentperformancesamples

It gives a result like this:

      "numSlots": 126,
      "numTransactions": 126,
      "samplePeriodSecs": 60,
      "slot": 348125

So I think the 1 min calculation is that the slot time (in seconds) is samplePeriodSecs/numSlots

That API can return multiple samples (up to 720), so for example for the 1 hour average you could pass limit=60, do the above calculation for each sample and average them out.

  • samplePeriodSecs/numSlots = 60/126 = 476ms, or 2.1 slots per second. Commented Nov 14, 2023 at 10:42
async function getBlockTime() {
  let absoluteSlot = (await connection.getEpochInfo()).absoluteSlot;
  return await connection.getBlockTime(absoluteSlot);

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