Given access to Solana validator node and solana command, how to export a list of all account addresses with positive balance (at the latest block)? Preferably in CSV format.

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This assumes the solana CLI utils are available

  1. Create a new directory named ledger
  2. Download genesis and a snapshot (full and incremental if applicable) from the target cluster and move them inside. Use something like [1] to list available source validators and use a single source for all files
  3. Use ledger tool to dump all accounts to JSON and consume however you please
solana-ledger-tool --ledger ./ledger accounts --output json

[1] (requires jq)

!/usr/bin/env bash

cluster=devnet # one of `localhost`, `devnet`, `testnet`, `mainnet-beta` or custom RPC URL

canonical_snapshot_url() {
  local -r relative_url="${1:?'missing required arg 1: `relative_url`'}"
  url="$(wget -nv --connect-timeout 3 --tries 1 --method HEAD "$relative_url" 2>&1)"
  local -r rc=$?
  if [[ $rc -eq 0 ]]; then
    cut -d' ' -f4 <<<"$url"
  return $rc
while read RPCHOST; do
    full_url="$(canonical_snapshot_url http://${RPCHOST}/snapshot.tar.bz2)"
    if [[ 0 = $? ]]; then
      gen_url="$(canonical_snapshot_url http://${RPCHOST}/genesis.tar.bz2)"
      inc_url="$(canonical_snapshot_url http://${RPCHOST}/incremental-snapshot.tar.bz2)"
      if [[ 0 = $? ]]; then
      echo -e "$out\n --"
  ) &
done < <(solana -u "$cluster" gossip --output json | jq -r '.[].rpcHost | select (. != null)')

wait ${pids[*]}
  • what is genesis?
    – kafinsalim
    Commented Aug 9, 2022 at 11:31

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